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Terms & Conditions of Usage

This is a pedagogically inspired site that is designed to help users identify common spelling and grammar mistakes. Please keep in mind the following:

  • no linguistic tool is perfect and the onus is on the user to recognize the limitations of this tool; in particular:
    • no guarantees are made that this site will find any or all spelling and grammar errors in a text
    • in some cases the site may falsely identify errors that are in fact not errors
  • in no event shall anyone associated with this site (creators, developers, administrators, etc.) be liable for any problems that arise due to the use of the site

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  • there are more than 50 requests in one day from an account
  • excessively large texts are submitted (this tool is designed for shorter texts of fewer than 1000 words)
  • requests originate from more than 3 locations in one day from one account
  • there is any unauthorized or suspicious usage of the site

This site has been produced by two individuals who enjoy working on linguistic tools and who want to provide a service to the greater community – please be mindful of other users by using the tool as intended.